Practical RSS [Show #1]: An Introduction To RSS…


PRACTICAL RSS [Show #1]: An Introduction To RSS…

In this initial show, I give a brief overview of RSS, including:

    - what RSS is and what it’s used for
    - how to find feeds on websites
    - the variety of available feed readers
    - a practical example of subscribing to a feed

Sites Referenced:

Run Time: 7:08

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  • john harper

    You have just scored a grandslam. I will be referencing this video in all of the blogging classes we are holding in the East Bay area of California. Keep ‘em coming!

  • howard lindzon

    Did you post to videojug?

    i am almost tempted to dip my toe in this. Oldd habits die hard. Great job on this.

  • Andy Swan

    Excellent show!!!

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  • Michael

    Good show John. Speaking of RSS feeds, I’m just now seeing this b/c bloglines hasn’t updated your feed in over a week. :-(

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  • Vince

    Great video! Perfect niche to plunge into. I will also be sending my non-techie friends in the direction of that video as well when I explain to them about RSS.

    I am just starting up video tutorials for my company and I have been keeping it pretty simple so far– just imovie and photoshop.
    Here’s the youtube channel if you’re curious:

    but I have a quick question: what was your basic set-up to achieve the ‘powerpoint’ feel and green screen? Was this “Final Cut Pro”, or another mix of plugins and Windows media maker/etc?

    Good stuff! Keep it up!


  • Eric

    Sweet video!

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  • Yusuf Sawin

    This one makes sence “One’s first step in wisdom is to kuesstion everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.”

  • Phil

    Finding your site was an accident thanks to google, but I like it

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