Hi-Tech Is Relative…


Every new technology has an adoption curve…

This is a great video that shows just that:

It would be easy to picture this as someone using a computer for the first time instead of a book. It provides a real context to the experience many people have with new gadgets, and underscores what a poor job we do on the technology front to help them.

The fact is, most people are simply intimidated by change and find it difficult to integrate new technologies into their lives. By assuming people will just ‘figure it out’, many technology companies make a big mistake and potentially miss out on a much bigger opportunity for themselves.

The people that made this video are spot on. I love the overburdened ‘help desk’ trying to keep up with support calls after a big roll out. The angry and befuddled user talking about how much time they’ve wasted trying to figure it out. The user manual that explains how to use the new ‘system’, but is based on the same ‘technology’ and is thus equally confusing. It’s an excellent allegory all around to what people experience today.

And it all points back to providing simplicity and accessibility.

People crave it, and there’s just too little of it…

I think companies like Apple that focus on simplicity and the total user experience will continue to gain in the marketplace, while those focused more on features and raw capability will lose out.

This video should make us think as well as laugh…

link to video via The Media Infulencer

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