StationCreator: The Future Of TV…


I was just introduced to an exciting new company called StationCreator. StationCreator is focused on creating the framework needed for the virtual aggregation, scheduling, and play back of web based video content. They have put together a brief overview of the framework they provide:

I have been working with StationCreator for about two weeks now and am very impressed by what they have accomplished in this first release of the product/service (in fact, it’s still in beta, making it all the more impressive)

To get the feel for what working with StationCreator is like, I put together a basic channel focused on Web Video Production. It is built up from web videos that I have watched in this area. The videos are all scheduled to play at specific times in a sequence – a perfect ‘lean back’ model familiar to everyone comfortable with today’s traditional television experience:

The internet is clearly going to become the dominant means of distributing media over the next decade – maybe even faster. Though it is still in beta, StationCreator is ahead of the curve in this regard, and is definitely a company to watch.

I plan to follow this post up with a more detailed video, covering a typical production workflow supported by StationCreator and touching on some of the key markets that could benefit from it. This is a powerful product that is coming to market at just the right time – I’m really glad they’ve given me an early look…

More to come, so stay tuned…

InfoNgen 'Publisher HD' Is Now In The App Store…


I wanted to let everyone know that the first cut of InfoNgen’s iPad newsletter generation application – Publisher HD – is now up and available in the Apple App Store. Equally exciting is the great reception the app has received. It was even featured in the New & Noteworthy section for productivity apps:

If you get the chance to download it, I would welcome whatever feedback you have. There are a lot of things we want to add, refine and extend in the current release of Publisher HD, and we are already hard at work on putting that next version together. You can leave suggestions in the comments section for this post, or just email me directly.

Best of all, Publisher HD is free – just bring your own iPad. You can download it via the link below: